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Corona Isolation

It has been a very long time since I have actually taken to my computer to blog. Most of my blogging takes place on my Mom-Stagram (which you can find at anxiouslyramblingmom on Instagram) but today I need to get it all out. Whether you read my blog or not, I need an outlet and my councilor once said that getting it out of your systems helps more than you realize. So read on…or don’t…I care not…like what I have to say…or don’t…I care not.

I CANNOT handle this quarantine. There is a reason that I work outside the home! I mean don’t get me wrong! I love my children! They are my reason for everything, but I NEED A BREAK from them! My children are incredibly hyper, engaged, into everything, think they are smarter than everyone, wild children. In 2 days my 16 month old has fallen off the coffee table, jumped off the toy chest onto a box toy, fallen off the couch and has been dropped by his 5 year old sister. My 5 year old is now spending the majority of her days switching between her tablet, our iPad, her dad’s old phone and the laptop playing ABC Mouse, watching YouTube and Disney+.I started strong with a schedule and all kinds of activities for her to do. But trying to homeschool her, while taking care of her brother and trying to work full time is insane. It just cannot be done….oh and did I mention we are in the process of selling our house to move in with my mother for a month until we can move into our new house???

If this doesn’t end soon people are going to start rioting in the streets…mostly by my husband and me. AND if I see one more meme or post that says working moms now know what stay at home moms deal with I am going to scream because it is in no way the same. Trying to have a Zoom call with my entire team or my customers with my child screeching in the background is not the same thing. We are lucky enough that my husband and I can continue to work from home and still have income to pay our bills and keep food on the table. I know we are so lucky…he is considered essentials because he feeds the troops with his job, but we are lucky that he can do that from home without having to leave the house, risking our exposure to the virus.

I believe that we should have closed our borders back in January when this thing started and stopped letting people in that could risk the health and safety of the American people…but no we didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. We should have locked down the entire country to keep this thing from spreading….but no we didn’t want to violate anyone’s civil liberties. Well…now we have thousands of people sick and dying. We need this to end and it needs to end now!

I am not trying to lessen any person’s experience. I am not trying to start and argument. I am just releasing my pent up feelings….so don’t come at me all butt hurt over what I have written or over what I believe.