My darling daugter,

I am sitting in the living room with you while you watch Pororo for the 1000th time. I finally got tired of saying no to the 1000000 other things you have gotten into; pots and pans, cereal, soda cans, trash etc. After you napped for only 40 min I decided that I just couldn’t say no one more time today. I just didn’t have it in me. I love you more than anything in this world. But you have no idea that after you woke up and I tried fruitlessly to put you back down for a nap I sobbed while holding you on my arms. You wanted me to sing 3 little monkeys, which I did through blurred eyes and sobs. You gave me hugs, smiled and laughed as I sang through my tears. I worry daily about 9 thousand different things. And today I broke a little. For that I am sorry but mommy is not perfect! I do my best everyday and I pray that it is enough!


Your mother

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