Ok…so have you ever had an object that every time you look at it it reminds of something that you did, whether good or bad? Well, my daughter has this onsie, it one of my nephew’s old outfits that he outgrew that is just adorable. I was putting it on her one day and did not realize that there was a stray string inside the leg. As I was putting her foot inside the leg she started screaming. I had no clue why. That is when I realized that her scream was an “I’m in pain scream.” When I looked I saw that her there was a cut under her toe. Now, every time I look at the onsie I think about that day. Every time I put her in it am paranoid that I am going to hurt her again. I know it was an accident but it makes me wonder if this is a taste of my parenting abilities. I mean all I was doing was dressing her and I hurt her. Any other first time moms feel this way?

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